Buildings and Maintenance

Description of Environmental Purchasing Policy

The policies for major building repairs and renovation projects are covered in the NYU Sustainable Design Standards Guidelines (DSG), created by the Office of Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Design in collaboration with Facilities and Construction Management.  The Sustainable Design Standards Guidelines – not this Guide – are the primary reference for any large-scale building maintenance carried out by a third-party contractor.

The Buildings and Maintenance section of the Environmental Purchasing Policy covers the commodity clusters of Woodwork/Lumber, Paint/Painting, Windows, Doors, Fences/Gates, Flooring, and Metal Maintenance.  While the procurement of these goods tends to fall under the Design Standards Guidelines rather than the Environmental Purchasing Policy, there are actions individual academic departments can take to reduce the necessity for large-scale building overhauls and improve the environmental efficiency of their buildings.  

What to Consider When Maintaining an Efficient Building

Awareness of possible problems: Periodic checks for window and wall leakage, which cause buildings to lose heat unnecessarily, can be done by individual academic departments, and will go a long way to increase building efficiency. 

HVAC Settings: Find settings for HVAC that require minimal energy to maintain comfort.  See the Appliances and Electronics section (Section 1) of this Guide for more information on how to do this.

Other Suggestions: The Sustainability Advocate Handbook contains many useful suggestions for academic departments looking to take small maintenance actions to increase their buildings’ efficiency.

Additional Resources and Information

NYU Sustainability Advocates Program

NYU Facilities and Construction Management



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